Laser Show Projectors – How to make them last longer

Have you ever wondered…

Why did my laser projector fail?
Why is my laser projector less bright?
Why are my laser projector’s colors different? 

If you have asked yourself questions like these, don’t feel bad – You are not alone! Every day people around the world experience this very same issue, and have the unpleasant experience of having to deal with a broken or unusable laser show projector, that is the result of premature laser diode failure. And premature laser diode failure is caused in many cases, by electro-static discharge (ESD) and power surges. Thankfully, there is a solution, and it’s called LASORB!

Nearly all laser show projectors, have laser modules inside. And inside most laser modules, are laser diodes. A laser diode is a small semiconductor device that produces coherent radiation. A diagram is shown below, illustrating what a standard professional laser show projector looks like. The picture next to this, shows you inside of the laser projector, so you can see what a typical laser module looks like. And next to that, you see inside the laser module, where the sensitive laser diodes live.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.58.57 PM

Laser diodes are very fast devices that react rapidly to changing voltage and current. And scientific evidence suggests that many laser diodes fail long before their life expectancy, in many cases, because of ESD and power surges that are generated during power on/off cycles. Voltage spikes are often produced at these times, and their cumulative effect on laser diodes is highly detrimental. Even a small ESD event or power surge, can substantially harm a laser diode to the point where it is noticeably less powerful, or in a worse case scenario, entirely unusable.  So if you have ever wondered “Why did my laser projector fail?, Why is my laser projector less bright?  or Why are my laser projector’s colors different? …  Chances are, an ESD related event or power surge, was the culprit.

Based on our extensive testing and evaluation, we developed and patented a new method of protecting laser diodes — a hybrid component called LASORB, that keeps ESD and power surge spikes from exceeding the diode’s normal operating voltage. LASORB also absorbs high energy in the circuit until ESD and power surges subside, as current is shunted away from the diode. Thus, protecting your sensitive laser diodes, and ultimately, your valuable laser show projector.

LASORB’s primary means of protection is a slew-rate detector that monitors the voltage across the pins of the laser diode. If there is a fast change-of-voltage condition detected, this triggers LASORB to aggressively conduct the voltage (and thus current) away from the laser diode. The conduction is initiated very rapidly – in some cases less than one nanosecond. The conduction can last from several microseconds, to tens of microseconds.


Next time you go to purchase a laser show projector, make sure to ask the manufacturer if LASORB is installed, on the laser diodes used within the unit. This is a sure-fire way, to get an idea of the quality of the system. LASORB is very inexpensive, and can cost as little as $2 for manufacturers to integrate. So if your provider is not using LASORB, ask them why! Think of it as an insurance policy for your laser projector, which will protect it from ESD and power surges. You can also integrate LASORB into your existing system, or you can browse Pangolin’s line of professional laser projectors, all of which feature the LASORB component, on each and every singe laser diode used. You can see our complete lineup of systems, at

Below you can watch a live video (shot with an iPhone, and not fancy editing) that shows LASORB in action, protecting the popular 520nm GREEN laser diodes, so commonly used across the laser show industry.


Laser Show Projectors – The ClubMAX Line of Professional Laser Projectors

Buying a laser projector can be a difficult process these days, with so many sellers and manufacturers out there. And event though the cost of laser projectors has come down dramatically in recent years, at the end of the day, the old adage still stands true – You get, what you pay for.

Since Pangolin is a laser entertainment technology company at heart, we understand the pain clients like you have when trying to find a professional laser projetor on the market these days…

  • You want something quality built, that allows you to create those stunning laser beam effects, as well as laser text, laser graphics, and laser logos – Providing you the technology you need, to bring your creativity to life.
  • You want a unit from a reliable manufacturer, who stands behind their products, and who will support you when you need assistance.
  • You want something produced using quality components and technology, but at an affordable price point.
  • And perhaps most importantly, you want something safe, that is compliant with all US CDRH/FDA regulations, as well as international rules and regulations.

When you look hard at various laser projectors on the market today, and really work with these systems on a daily basis, and put them side by side (as we have), you begin to notice stark differences in the types of effects they can produce, and the quality and overall performance these different laser projectors can offer.

To help make the purchase of a laser system easier, and to ensure you as the client get the quality, support, and service  you are looking for, Pangolin has teamed up with a select group of manufacturers, to bring you new lines of laser show projectors, that meet our stringent quality standards. And we are able to get you these laser projectors at an incredibly reduced price points.

One of the lines of laser projectors that we feel has “hit the nail on the head”, in terms of quality, reliability, performance and price, is the all new ClubMAX line of professional laser projectors, from KVANT.

Check out this video, which shows these laser projectors in action. Explaining how they are engineered, and hand-crafted piece by piece, to ensure optical quality, performance and reliability.

The laser  projectors are all custom fabricated in Europe, with NO OEM manufacturing! Everything is truly hand crafted piece by piece, to ensure the highest quality and performance. And, all systems are complaint with US CDRH / FDA regulations, as well as with European and International regulations.

This is why today’s leading professionals trust the ClubMAX line of laser show projectors, for high profile events, tours and venues. These lasers work – period. And they allow you to create the type of stunning laser content, you have been hoping for.

Here are a few things that make the ClubMAX line of lasers, so special…

These systems use all pure diode lasers sources, with custom optics, and they are protected by LASORB. Our unique process for creating laser modules ensures a tighter and brighter beam profile, with a stunning white balance. And our pure diode sources allow you to create millions of different color combinations, with linear fade-ins, and fade-outs. We also incorporate the LASORB protection device onto every diode inside of these units, so you can be assured that your lasers are protected from both ESD and power surges – two of the biggest proponents of premature laser failure in the field. The ClubMAX systems are one of the only lasers in the world, to feature LASORB on every diode used!

These laser also feature the new ScannerMAX Compact-506 optical scanning system, that allows you to produce incredibly wide-angle beam effects, as well as stunning text, graphics, and logos. When you see these lasers in action, you will definitely be impressed by the incredible width of the projection area you can achieve. And the graphics, text and logos from them, are second to none. Crisp, clean, beautiful looking images, that are sure to impress your audience.

Our ClubMAX laser projectors can also be entirely network controlled, with the optional new FB4 hardware system. Simply run network and power to the back of our laser projectors, and you are setup and done. This allows you to also control our lasers easily, from any lighting or DMX console (with no PC in the setup). In addition, with the FB4 system, you can run your shows in “auto-play” mode, so that the lasers will automatically run laser shows at a specified date, and time, without a PC in the setup. And, content can be updated via the network as well, so that there is no need to use small “memory chips” like many others. Just send content to the laser via a standard CAT 5 cable, and you’re all done.

Also note, that all of these lasers are also certified and compliant, with all US CDRH/FDA regulations, as well as with European standards. And, we can assist you with the proper filing of your laser show variance, to ensure you are operating correctly.

The new ClubMAX line of laser projectors, is available in the following models (click on each unit, to see pricing information and detailed specifications): 

ClubMAX 800

ClubMAX 1800

ClubMAX 3000

ClubMAX 6000

You can also see the ClubMAX FB4 versions, below: 

ClubMAX 800 with FB4

ClubMAX 1800 with FB4

ClubMAX 3000 with FB4

ClubMAX 6000 with FB4

If you have any questions about these lasers, need more information, or just have want to “talk lasers” with our team, feel free to contact us at anytime. You can reach us by phone, at +(407) 299-2088, and or by email (

A note about specifications: 

All specifications have also been independently tested and certified. You will not have to worry about exaggerated specifications, minimum/maximum output powers, or any confusing means of listing laser specifications. All units perform exactly as listed, and you are guaranteed to get the output power specified, as well as the true scan speeds listed.

What is the Pangolin Projector Referral Network?

The laser show industry is growing at a rapid pace, with more people performing laser shows than ever before. As such, the demand for laser projectors, laser show systems, and laser control products has also grown. This trend has led to more companies producing and advertising laser projectors and laser show gear, than ever before.

Laser is a unique technology, and different in many ways to traditional light sources, such as LED. And buying a laser projector can sometimes be confusing process, with so many suppliers and vendors out there offering product.

In addition, the lack of “standardized specifications” of laser projectors (such as output powers, scan speeds, modulation, beam diameters, etc.), can make it very confusing at times, to find the best laser for your specific needs.

To help address this growing issue in the marketplace, Pangolin has started a service called the Pangolin Projector Referral Network, whereby we help you as a client find a quality laser projector, at an affordable price, and we ensure you receive first-class support and service on your equipment all along the way.

Pangolin pioneered much of the technology used to power the laser industry. Everything from laser control systems (including laser show software and hardware), to safety products, to optical scanning systems and laser diode protection. And from our work in the field, we’re proud to say that our developments have received 28 international patents, and contributed to over 400 international awards for our clients. In addition to our vast experience with laser technology, we have also visited nearly every single factory (in the US, EU and Asia) making laser systems. As such, we have great insight into who is making quality laser projectors, and how those units will perform in the field. And from this experience, we help you as a client find the best laser projector for your specific needs.

We take the guess work out of buying a laser! And when purchasing through the Pangolin Projector Network, we help you understand the differences between all of the laser systems on the market today, as well as how to interpret their specifications. And we educate you, so that you understand how those specifications relate to the type of shows you wish to perform. We then work to find you the best laser projector for your needs, and at a great price, backed up with the outstanding service and support the industry has come to love from Pangolin.

New FB4 Tutorial Video

Our new FB4 hardware has taken the laser show industry by storm, providing clients with a fully integrated network solution, that gets built directly inside of a laser projector.

When using FB4, you have a variety of laser control configurations possible. These are noted below:

Streaming Mode – In Streaming Mode, you have the BEYOND software running on your PC, and then you run a network cable from your PC to your laser projector with FB4.

Lighting Console Mode – In this setup, you create content in the BEYOND software, and then save it to the FB4 memory, which again, is generally integrated inside of your laser projector. Then, the content you created can easily be controlled from any lighting or DMX console, without the need for a PC in the show setup.

Auto-Play Mode – In Auto-Play Mode, you once again create content in the BEYOND software, and then save it to the FB4 memory. FB4 has a built-in clock, which allows you to set a specific date and time for that show content to be played. Then, once set, FB4 will play the show back automatically, without the need for a PC to be connected. You can even update content on FB4’s memory, via the network cable, so there is no need to physically touch the laser (taking it off a truss, etc.) just to change the content playing from it. This is an ideal control mode, for permanent installations.

Inside of the BEYOND and QuickShow software, there is a special new feature, which allows you to upload content to FB4. We’ve created the following tutorial, to help show you how to access this feature, and upload content to FB4’s memory. NOTE – This tutorial was created in BEYOND, but the same principles apply in QuickShow.

Chemical Brothers “Born in the Echoes Tour” – By ER Productions

With the release of their first studio album in five years, Born in the Echoes, The Chemical Brothers are back with their trademark laser show and heavy dance beat. The use of lasers has been a predominant force at Chemical Brothers shows. In fact the duo still utilize two 10-watt lasers they have personally owned for years. The production also carries 3 x 30-watt lasers and 2 x 21w All Taipan from E R Productions (, which they stagger across the stage for a huge display of stunning laser effects.

Two large robots stand upstage on each side. Each robot was outfitted with ER Productions Beamburst Laser unit to emit laser beams from the robots eyes. Because of the many shows scheduled for the tour, most of the lights and lasers were designed to be layered on the floor, as a unique package that can be easily rolled on and off stage with minimum setup time. Pangolin’s BEYOND software configured with SMPTE Timecode runs everything that they carry, from lights to lasers and video.

Show Tech

Two ARCTOS 10w 15 years old laser projectors owned by the Chemical Brothers were accompanied by ER Production’s 4 x BeamBurst lasers and 5 scanning laser heads.

Timecode synchronized with Pangolin’s industry leading BEYOND software and FB4 network hardware control all of the lasers on this tour.

electric-zoo-2015     2052

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 9.16.30 PM     Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 9.16.34 PM

Pangolin Clients once again, win the majority of ILDA Awards

The ILDA awards are considered by many, to be the “Oscars” for the laser display and entertainment industry. And at the 2015 ILDA Conference and Awards Ceremony (hosted by Mr.

Abdulwahab Baghdadi, of 3rd Dimension Event Tech), Pangolin clients once again took home the majority of ILDA Awards received, further proving that Pangolin’s laser show control platform provides clients with the tools, features, and programs needed, to create award-winning works of laser art.

What made this year’s event so special, was to see how improvements in laser control technology (including advancements in laser software and hardware) are further allowing laserists around the world to create stunning laser displays, faster and easier than ever before.

Events and shows that once would have taken clients weeks or even months to program and prepare, can now be done in just hours or days, using new features available in software programs including Pangolin BEYOND and Pangolin QuickShow. And advancements in hardware control (with new network hardware like FB4) are now allowing laserists as well as lighting designers, to control shows in a whole new way – because with FB4s new proprietary network protocol, the need to use the outdated ILDA cable, is gone. This is allowing clients to run their entire show via a network setup, reducing setup times, and allowing clients to perform more complex and sophisticated laser shows – thus, leading to more award winning content and shows, for those using Pangolin’s platform.

In addition, FB4 allows for complete control of a laser show from a lighting desk or DMX console. Simply create content in BEYOND, save it to FB4s memory, and control that content from the console of your choice. And, FB4 can be built inside of a laser projector, simplifying the setup of large scale laser shows. So now clients only need to run network and power to the back of a laser, and they are setup and ready to go.

Advancements in laser technology like this, are what is helping clients around the world create bigger, better, and more intricate laser shows, in a faster, easier and more affordable manner. These are just some of the reasons why at this year’s ILDA Conference and Awards Ceremony, we see that those using Pangolin technology have once again taken home the vast majority of awards that were won. With Pangolin’s ongoing laser developments, those using these technologies have a much larger arsenal of tools and features at their disposal, allowing them to create more stunning and sophisticated laser performances.

Pangolin’s Chief Operating Officer Justin Perry was also quoted in saying… “While we are very proud of the new technologies we are releasing to market, and while we can see how these are allowing clients to create better laser shows overall, we also realize that the credit at the end of the day, goes to the artists themselves. We are merely providing a paintbrush – if you will. And our clients then take our brush, and go out and create beautiful works of art. So in that regard, out hat goes off to all of the Pangolin clients around the world, who use the tools we provide them with, to create stunning laser and visual displays”.

Overview of Awards won by Pangolin Clients:

ER Productions – 1st Place, “Kylie Minogue, Kiss Me Once World Tour” (Live Stage Show)
ER Productions – 1st Place, “X-Factor” (Live TV Show)
Lightwave International – 1st Place, “YouTube Music Awards” (Edited Film / TV/ Video)
VisuTek e.U. – 1st Place, “Atemlos” (Beams/Atmospherics, multiple projector show)
KVANT – 1st Place, “Machac Festival” (Nightclub/Disco/Music Festival Show)
KVANT – 1st Place, “BMW Mapping” (Corporate Show)
Manick Sorcar – 1st Place, “Laser Art in Shower Ocean” (Innovative Application)
ER Productions – 2nd Place, “Katy Perry, Prismatic World Tour” (Live Stage Show)
ER Productions – 2nd Place, Live Laser Jockey Competition
Oracle Liquid – 2nd Place, “G20 Summit Laser Interactive and Flag Projection” (Innovative Application) Mediam Sp. Zo.o. – 2nd Place, “The Legend of Wawel Dragon” (Graphics Show)
Mediam Sp. Zo.o. – 2nd Place, “Mercedes” (Corporate Show)
VisuTek e.U. – 2nd Place, “Shadows” (Beams/Atmospherics, multiple projector show)
Laser Tech Canada – 2nd Place, “Stars of Science” (Live TV Show)
LaserNet – 2nd Place, “Camila” (Edited Film / TV/ Video)
E.R. Productions – 3rd Place, “Queens of Stone Age” (Nightclub/Disco/Music Festival Show)
ER Productions – 3rd Place, “Kasabian, iTunes Festival” (Live TV Show)
Lightwave International – 3rd Place, “Pretty Lights – Live with the Colorado Symphony” (Live Stage Show)

12118954_958725657499680_4769080091224544234_n 12185048_1236536576371827_5470201777609314986_o 12195128_1236535676371917_2138706790766858713_o FB4 copy FB4_170Russell3 copy Pangolin_FB4_TRANS_NFF3607 U_1 copy

ZEDD “True Colors” World Tour

Russian-German musician Zedd is currently promoting his second studio album, True Colors on his True Colors world tour, that began on August 6th and will run through November 28, 2015. The tour spans cities across the globe from Singapore to Los Angeles to London.

In addition to his hit songs, Zedd is intentionally debuting never-before-heard songs during the tour so his audience can “live” the songs as he intends – through an intense “True Colors” visual experience. Pyrotecnico was brought on board to amplify that experience with their innovative lasers, pyro, and special FX.

Show tech

In addition to our custom pyrotechnic spinners, close proximity pyrotechnics, flames, cryogenics, confetti/streamers, we have 9 lasers. We utilized Pangolin’s Beyond software and FB3QS hardware to design and control the custom, high powered RGB Spectrum series lasers developed by KVANT. Four of the lasers were spread out across the stage, two were placed in the DJ booth, and three were mounted on the mid-stage truss. The end result is purely captivating and we’re thrilled,” states Pyrotecnico Creative Director Rocco Vitale.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Adam LaBay at FW Lighting has done it again, programming some incredible laser effects for the release of Samsung Galaxy S6. Using the advanced features in the Pangolin BEYOND software, and laser projectors and systems from the Pangolin Projector Referral Network, Adam took his incredible artistic skills and brought these technologies to life, creating a stunning sequence of laser displays, that accurately expressed the excitement surrounding this new product release.

Below you can see a behind the scenes video, showing some of the laser effects used, as well as giving an inside look, at the new Samsung Galaxy S6.

Show Tech: 

Pangolin’s new Beyond laser control software was used to create the laser effects seen in this video. Adam LaBay and FW lighting used the FB3QS hardware, for laser output. The lasers used during the filming included 2 x ClubMAX 6000 systems, obtained from Pangolin’s new division, the Pangolin Projector Referral Network, which helps clients find quality lasers, at affordable prices, with first class support and service to back them up.

FB4 Dominates the Festival and Tour Scene

Our revolutionary new FB4 laser control hardware is dominating the summer festival and tour scenes, and is being used on a wide variety of high profile events which incororpate lasers, including the recent Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium, as well as the 2015 Metallica World Tour.

Laserists around the world are beginning to convert their laser control setups over to the new FB4 platform, to take advantage of the new network control features this unique hardware configuration has to offer, when used together with our BEYOND and QuickShow software programs.

And lighting designers around the world are falling in love with lasers all over again, due to FB4’s ability to give LD’s complete control over a laser show, directly from a lighting console (such as a GrandMA, HOG, etc).

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to gain with using FB4, is the elimination of the notorious “ILDA” cable, which has long been a pain, for many laserists around the globe. With FB4, you no longer need to use the ILDA cable, and instead, you can build this hardware directly inside of your laser, for complete network control. Just run power, and ethernet, and you’re done! It’s that simple!

FB4 Connections copy 2 img.php_1

Check out our latest FB4 page, which has a wide variety of information on FB4, as well as detailed documentation, manuals, and engineering drawings, to help you integrate this new hardware into your existing show setup, or into your current (or soon to be built) laser projector(s).

And enjoy these these great photos from a recent festival in Hungary (courtesy of Prolaser Ltd. and Mr. Sandor Wenszky) which show the power of FB4 in action. In this show, there where twenty FB4 units integrated into various high power OPSL laser projectors, and used to control a massive festival with over 60,000 people in attendance and over 270watts of pure laser power!

photo: [ Sandor Csudai ] .

photo: [ Sandor Csudai ] .

photo: [ Sandor Csudai ] .

photo: [ Sandor Csudai ] .

fotó: Hölvényi Kristóf - Rockstar Photographers

fotó: Hölvényi Kristóf – Rockstar Photographers

EndShow5 copy

Ariana Grande

The Honeymoon Tour is the second concert tour and first international tour by American recording artist Ariana Grande in support of her second studio album, My Everything (2014). The tour, which was officially announced on September 10, 2014, will travel across North AmericaEurope, and Asia. It began on February 25, 2015 in Independence, Missouri and will conclude on October 15, 2015 in El Paso, Texas.

Along with the lighting and video, there was enough room in the budget for special effects including seven custom high power laser projectors provided and operated by Strictly FX.

Timothy Finn of The Kansas City Star gave Grande praise for her energy and enthusiasm when singing and dancing along with her crew. Finn described the show as an “extravagant mix of music, dance, lasers, videos, pyrotechnics, and costume changes, akin to the kinds of audio-visual spectacles delivered by fellow pop-divas like Katy Perry and Britney Spears.” 

Show tech

Strictly FX, using Pangolin Beyond controlled seven custom high power RGB Coral ARC series lasers developed by Arctos. Four 36W laser and three30W laser projectors.

The four 36W were spread out on the stage and the three 30W were mounted in the truss, where they aimed for mirrors for bounce cues.