NOBEL Prize 2016

The Nobel Peace Prize is considered one of the world’s highest honors. And to commemorate this noteworthy event, an amazing laser show was performed during the Nobel Peace Price Concert in Telenor Arena, Oslo, Norway, to add to the reflective mood and atmosphere surrounding the award ceremony.

Laserteknikk AS (, one of Norway’s premier laser, lighting, and special effects companies were brought in to assist with the lighting related aspects of the concert, alongside Joacim Faxvaag and his incredible team. It was the second year in a row Laserteknikk AS assisted with the production.

This event was no small task, as it is broadcast live on television in Norway, and also available worldwide. The concert was also available in 360 degrees VR as well as on various social media outlets. The concert itself consisted of world class Norwegian and international artists, and the audience was around 9000 people.

This venue for this year’s performance was quite big, so to ensure the lasers punched through the open space, Laserteknikk AS utilized the new Kvant Spectrum 20W RGB laser systems, that are proven to work well during live television performances, where the use of smoke and fog needs to be reduced, to allow for balance with the overall television broadcast. The show was pre-programmed by Laserteknikk AS using the Pangolin’s BEYOND Advanced software, and Wysiwyg visualization software. And each KVANT Spectrum 20W RGB laser show projector had the inbuilt Pangolin FB4 media server, allowing for a complete ArtNet setup of the laser systems, with control from a GrandMA lighting console via SMPTE timecode. Laserteknikk is the largest supplier of laser systems in Norway, and recently invested in over 100 watts of laser systems, while at the same time converting all of their control over to Pangolin’s FB4 media server, for a more versatile and powerful laser and lighting setup.
On the creative side, Laserteknikk AS programmed the show in a specific way, so that each different act performing had a unique lighting and laser look.
Jan Martin Vågen of Laserteknikk AS was quoted after the event stating… “We are very pleased with Pangolin’s Beyond Advanced software, when it comes to the flexibility it provides for creating laser shows. This software has very powerful zone setting features, as well as safety projection tools (beam attenuation maps) that make it easy for us to set up an elegant show while keeping safety as our number one priority at all times… This time we had 68 watts of laser power and 14 x Barco HDX 20 projectors, 4 follow-spot operators and several TV cranes in our path, so we really had to pay attention when setting zones and safety zones (BAMS), but Beyond does this very well!…
And the flexibility of being able to work in a realistic manner in Wysiwyg during the pre programming process saved us a lot of time on site… We also really enjoy working with time-coded shows on productions like this and BEYOND makes that incredibly easy to do. The control we get for the cues in the timeline makes us able to create very elegant details in our shows.”
Show Tec:
The lighting design was done by Joakim Faxvaag, scenography by Peter Bingemann. Video content was made by
Arminas Kazlauskas and Jan Martin Vågen. LSO was Aage Bergmann.Control: 
4 x active grandMA2 in the same session with 10961 parameters
1 x Pangolin Beyond  Advanced Control Software with FB4 media server
3 x d3 4×2 servers, 24 layers via sockpuppet dmx
1 x MacPro with VDMX video input i d3
Pangolin Beyond Advanced controlled by FB4 media server
Pangolin TC2000 SMPTE timecode hardware
3 x 14w custom lasers
2 x 20w Kvant Spectrum RGB Laser Projectors
4 x bounce mirrors
16 x Atomic Strobes
14 x Barco HDX 20
137 x Mac Aura
10 x Mac III AirFx
19 x Mac Viper Performance
46 x Mac Viper Profile
95 x Rush MH7
132 x VDO Sceptron 10
26 x 2lites
10 x 4lites
6 x 8lites
4 x strip lights
36 x VL3500 Wash FX
178 x Bright XLED

Burning Man 2016

Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis for the Burning Man Festival, dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. The Burning Man Festival is well known for bringing out some of the most creative lighting minds across the United States, to help power the event. And lasers have always been at the forefront of lighting for the Burning Man Festival, adding that special “WOW” factor to the scene.

And at this year’s 2016 Burning Man Festival, the team at Mayan Warrior Productions led by Mr. Pablo Vargas went all out, brining in state of the art laser technology that amplified the energetic feeling washing over those in attendance. This monumental laser display was no easy task though. Performing laser shows in desert conditions is never easy, and generally takes it’s toll on most production and lighting equipment due to the dusty and dry environment.

So to ensure the event went well, the team at Mayan Warrior used brought out their new fleet of Spectrum 30 Laser Projectors with the integrated Pangolin FB4 media server. These state-of-the-art laser show projectors are made for life of the road, and built to work in even the most harsh conditions. The innovative combination of OPSL and diode laser sources inside these laser show projectors also ensured that the units had the brightness needed, so that those attending the festival could see the beautiful laser beams across the desert sky.

The built-in FB4 media server also made laser show control for the event a lot easier. Mayan Warrior was able to run the lasers in a complete network setup, all from a single control station. In addition, they were also able to have the lasers run themselves (in true auto-mode) using the new real time clock feature on FB4. This allowed the team to program their laser show effects and content in Pangolin’s laser show software, and save this to the memory system on FB4. Then the lasers were able to play that content back automatically, with out any PC or console required to trigger the content. The projectors were truly able to run custom content automatically. All they required was power. This innovative feature on the FB4 helped Mayan Warrior run the show without a hitch, even in this barren area of Nevada.

Show Tec: 

Kvant Spectrum 30 Laser Show Projectors
FB4 Media Server (built into KVANT Spectrum Laser Show Projector)
BEYOND Laser Show Software

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