The 2014 Pangolin Tour Makes Headlines



The Pangolin Team is currently traveling across Europe, meeting with distribution partners across the area to conduct in-depth training seminars on their new BEYOND software, as well as on their award-winning QuickShow and LD2000 software programs. This year's tour takes the Pangolin team to Rome, Milan, Madrid and Moscow, which are all very large emerging markets for laser displays. The event has been gaining a lot of media attention following the recent Prolight+Sound exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany and as a result, TPI Magazine has even featured the tour in the latest edition of their online newsletter. Additional information about the tour, and the full TPI article can be found online by clicking here.

The Pangolin Team has additional tour dates being planned for the United States, Asia and possibly Brazil. For more information on Pangolin, and their award-winning lineup of laser control software, and laser show hardware visit

Pangolin Technologies Dominate the 2014 Prolight+Sound Exhibition

The energy and excitement surrounding the 2014 Prolight+Sound Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany is now coming to close. This is a huge exhibition for the laser entertainment industry, with more media attention surrounding lasers at the show than ever before. In addition, nearly all exhibiting laser companies where showcasing new products, which will help to grow the laser entertainment industry at large. 


Pangolin Laser Systems, an award-winning manufacturing of laser control software and hardware was proud to take part in the exhibition this year, as technologies manufactured by the company appeared to dominate the show in all areas. In many regards you could not turn a corner without seeing a laser entertainment system utilizing one of their technologies. Nearly all exhibiting laser companies were incorporating Pangolin products, from their laser control software, to their patented laser safety products, and also their all-new lineup of galvanometer-based optical scanning systems. 


At the Pangolin booth, a variety of new technologies from the company were on display. Demonstrations were given on new features inside of their BEYOND laser control software, such as the advanced multimedia timeline which allows you to easily combine laser effects together with video, for true multimedia shows. Pangolin also had a variety of laser safety products on display, including the Safety Scan lenses which help make laser shows safer and more enjoyable to watch, and also their PASS system (Professional Audience Safety  System) which helps to guarantee the safety of an audience scanning laser light show, where laser beams are actually projected into an audience. 

While there were lot of interesting new technologies shown at the Pangolin booth, perhaps the most exciting was their all-new galvanometer-based optical scanners including Compact-506 and Saturn 1 models. Optical scanners are used inside of almost all entertainment laser projectors. Scanners are essentially two small motors, that move a beam on an X/Y axis, and allow the projector to create various laser effects, including atmospheric effects as well as laser graphics. 


For many years, show producers in the laser industry have faced challenges with optical scanners made in a conventional way. Present scanning solutions can not perform at speeds fast enough to create the types of effects desired, and they are not reliable enough to withstand the rigorous applications laser show operators use them in. 


Pangolin formed a new company division of the company called ScannerMAX, which has been developing galvanometer-based optical scanners for both laser show and industrial laser applications for the past two years. Their scanners have been proven to overcome the problems of conventional scanners, allowing laser show and lighting designers to create the types of laser effects they have always dreamed about. 


During the show, Pangolin displayed two separate scanning systems. The first, which they call the “Compact-506” is ideal for applications where clients needs a reliable, high performance scanning solution, at an affordable price. The second optical scanning system, called the “Saturn 1”, really stole the show, and was considered by many to be the most innovative new laser show technology at Prolight+Sound 2014. 


Pangolin integrated the Saturn 1 into one of their laser projectors, and projected three graphical laser shows (which are known to be very hard on optical scanners), all from one laser projector, all at the same time, and at a 30° scan angle, running at 90kpps. This is something the laser show industry has never witnessed before, and the market response to Pangolin’s new development was overwhelming. 


In a recent interview taken during the Prolight+Sound Frankfurt exhibition, William R. Benner Jr., Pangolin’s President and CTO was quoted saying… “Innovation is the driving force behind everything we do here at Pangolin. Our goal is to create products that help benefit the laser and entertainment industries as a whole, so our colleagues in the field can create events which leave people in awe. It is such an amazing feeling to know that a product you’ve worked to develop has helped contribute to another person’s joy. When you create products for an industry you love, it’s not work… It’s fun, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.”

ER Productions WOWs audiences at the 2014 BRITS with amazing laser show





The BRITS 2014 was the biggest BRITS to date so it also needed the largest of Laser Rigs! ER Productions supplied 23 high-powered OPSL systems totaling 497watts.

3 artists requested lasers for their performances and ER Production’s worked closely with the shows LD Dave Davey to ensure all effects required were executed correctly and safely. It was the quality of the ops diodes, Pangolin Systems and advanced laser show knowledge that ER Production's brings to the table that helped ER Production’s produce the TV white looks along with the vibrant colours required.

Arctic Monkey’s who opened the show used 3 x 21w RGBB ops lasers systems up-stage center, just behind the band. The laser accompanied the track ‘ R U MINE ‘ and used white and yellow colours.

Next was Katy Perry who’s neon Cleopatra theme suited the laser looks incredibly well. It was important to achieve different styles from the 3 laser rigs so for Katy it was decided to concentrate the majority on the power on-stage. It was also a great opportunity to utilize the large matt white BRIT Statue with some laser mapping effects. This came from 2 x 25w RGBYC OPS systems with high-speed 60k scanners located at FOH. This was a truly unique effect and one ER Production’s has never delivered for a live TV show. The neon theme also allowed them to use really bright greens, magentas and cyan’s which show up on camera really well. The end result looked great and added an effective layer to the laser display.

To top this up, ER rigged 6 x 21w RGBB OPS systems onto the curve truss’s, stage left and right with 2 x 24w Greens hung centrally on a mid-truss. The focus for these was the pit cameras, which shot up through the performance catching all the laser effects. The final performance was for Ellie Goulding who used 12 x 21w RGBB OPS systems and diffracted burst effects. The lasers accompanied the track burn with white and yellow effects throughout with the final verse using the red diffracted effects. ER Production’s metered the audience exposure effects on-site to ensure they all were below MPE. All together this made for a huge laser installation and we are very happy with the end result.

The show was run on 2 separate networks, and a PANGOLIN Beyond system for the mapping. In total 26 PANGOLINS were networked and worked perfectly throughout. More information on Pangolin, and how their systems are used in the field is available online at, and on their Facebook page at

Atmospherics were supplied by 4 Look Solutions Viper Delux ‘s and as with all our shows we used our ER E-STOP interface for quick shutdown. Its not often we have to link 3 of them together but the with 4 inputs and 10 outputs we were able to easily adapt the system to just the one E-STOP button at FOH. More information on ER Productions (and ILDA Member company) is available on their website: