Pangolin Europe Tour Continues in Madrid, Spain

We are currently in Madrid, Spain, for the Pangolin Europe open house event. We were pleased to work with our partner Cittadini Laser, to show clients in Spain the power of our new BEYOND software, in combination with Cittadini Laser projectors. 

There are a lot of QuickShow clients in Spain, but now, we are pleased to welcome many of them to the BEYOND family. A lot of interest was generated for the new BEYOND multimedia timeline, as well as for our new APC40 profile. 

The Pangolin Europe Tour will continue on from here, heading to Moscow, Russia next. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and IMG_3620 IMG_4578 IMG_4596 IMG_4621 IMG_4629 IMG_4638 IMG_4646 IMG_4658 IMG_4667 IMG_4684 IMG_4689 for the latest updates and news.