New TC2000 Unit from Pangolin

New TC2000 Timecode reader from Pangolin Pangolin Laser Systems just recently released an all new TC2000 SMPTE Timecode device. This was announced along with tons of other interesting laser industry news, in the latest edition of the Pangolin Post. Check it out!

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Pangolin at the LASERWORLD of Photonics Munich Show

The Pangolin Team is now exhibiting at the 2013 Laserworld of Photonics Munich Exhibition, showcasing the latest technologies from our LASORB and ScannerMAX divisions. LASORB is a semiconductor copmonent, used to protect laser diodes from failures caused by ESD and power surges. It is the only product of it's kind available in the marketplace, and we have different part formulations avaialbe, optimized for the various opeating voltages for different laser diodes. We are pleased to showcase our latest LASORB part formulation at this show, which is optomized to protect GREEN laser diodes, like those made by the copmany OSRAM. 

In addition, we are very excited to be showcasing our all new Saturn 5 galvanometer based optical scanners, and our VRAD line of IMG_4994 IMG_4999 IMG_5008 IMG_5012 IMG_5014 IMG_5021 IMG_5050 IMG_5053. We just released our latest VRAD parts, including the all new VRAD 516 and 508 – Which are great for use a beam stops, choppers, and deflectors. 

Pangolin Europe Tour – Moscow

We just finished our final open house even for the Pangolin Europe Tour, in Moscow, Russia. What a beautiful city, and with some great laserists! We really appreciated the great feedback we got from our clients in the area, and the feedback from people not using Pangolin, who are now considering joining the family. A very special thanks goes out to our host Laser New Tec for their help at this year's event.P1050446 copy 2 P1050424 P1050372 P1050369 P1050351 copy P1050305 P1050303 copy IMG_4782 IMG_4761 IMG_4750 IMG_4749 IMG_4744 IMG_4742

Powered by Pangolin Highlights the Amazing Work Being Done in the Laser Entertainment Industry

We've just released our most recent update to the Powered by Pangolin platform, showcasing the amazing work being done in the laser light show industry using Pangolin Laser Control Software and Hardware. 

Check out our latest press release, discussing the recent Powered by Pangolin release, by clicking here

Or read the full article online here

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Pangolin Europe Tour Continues in Madrid, Spain


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We are currently in Madrid, Spain, for the Pangolin Europe open house event. We were pleased to work with our partner Cittadini Laser, to show clients in Spain the power of our new BEYOND software, in combination with Cittadini Laser … Continue reading

Pangolin Europe Tour – KVANT Review

We just returned from our open house event with KVANT (, where the Pangolin Europe team showcased the latest in BEYOND laser control technology. At this event, the new APC40 MIDI profile was the big topic of discussion, as clients gathered to see all of the new features this profile has to offer… Including: 

* The ability to set, toggle and mute zones

* The ability to enable Virtual Laser Jockey and set it to your QuickFX

* QuickFX build-in, and control of size, position, and rotation on your knobs. 

* Blackout buttons, reset buttons and a whole lot more…

The Pangolin Europe team will continue from Bratislave, heading to Madrid, Spain and Moscow, Russia. For official dates and times, visit the Pangolin Europe 2013 Tour Link